GIS Modeling

Geographic information systems (GIS) can be used for conducting scientific research, resource management, and planning of the development of a business or activity. Our capabilities extend to any GIS implementation: The collection and conversion of data, the creation of databases, mapping, modeling, and analysis of data. AGS’s GIS team have several years of experience in the area and offers GIS solutions and comprehensive services such as:

  • Data Creation: Create data sets of GIS-ready maps supplied by client, AutoCAD Models, Mapping and description of private property, demographic parameters, addresses, etc.
  • Mapping Service:custom designed maps from existing information, databases, data analysis and/or spatial data sets
  • Data Modeling / spatial analysis: We provide analysis of routing, search for suitable sites on the basis of criteria provided by the client, development of cartography, cost analysis, zonal statistics, modeling of contours, estimates of slope and surface analysis.
  • GIS Programming: We have qualified experts in a wide range of languages, and programming platforms such as:
    C Sharp, Java, Java Script, Matlab, R Studio, PostgreSQL and Python.
  • Strategy consultancies and GIS: initial strategic development, planning and implementation of GIS. The company offers a high level of expertise in the delivery of support solutions with GIS, the data preparation, software and maintenance.

Remote Sensing